SWX - What is this new technology?

I know swx has been around for a little while now in beta and fairly recently released into a 1.0 version.. but I took some time to read up on it and I must say.. it's a fairly revolutionary way of thinking that is quite a bit more digestible for new comers wanting to use server provided data. A very simple.. straightforward solution to a problem that can be very complex.

Thanks for the great write-up and work Aral.

Check it out

And here is the official website:


Installing Flash Media Server 2 (FMS) on Gentoo

I just thought I'd get this on "paper". I've done this many times and thought others might benefit. Run these commands to get the system ready:

1. emerge nspr
2. emerge openssl
3. emerge libstdc++ (this will emerge gcc as well) *note: alternatively you can emerge libstdc++-v3 which won't install gcc but will still work
4. ln -s /usr/lib/libssl.so.0.9.8 /usr/lib/libssl.so.4
5. ln -s /usr/lib/libcrypto.so.0.9.8 /usr/lib/libcrypto.so.4

TechCrunch40 results are in.....

Yesterday TechCrunch40 wrapped up it's presentations from budding startups. Woome was one of the 40 selected from over 700 applicant companies. It had a very strong showing and thus far the response has been very positive. Here is a nice write up that might help you understand who/what woome is/does.

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6 years and stopped counting

With 2 days of vacation in use my effective last day at Eli Kirk was yesterday. I left with mixed feelings of sadness, anxiety, anxiousness, excitement, etc.

I can't say that it was 6 long years because that would connotate it was in some way a bad place to be.. when in fact it was just the opposite.

In this internet industry it is very rare for someone to stay with the same employer for more than a few years. I have to credit my long sojourn there to the two top notch gentlemen who run the company.

SVN user management pain on openSuse 10.2

I just wanted to get this written down somewhere about management of users in SVN.

After setting it all up there is a specified file that contains user names and encrypted passwords for svn users. Mine is called user.list. It resides in the svn install dir under repos. To add users to it simply use the htpasswd2 -m command like so:

htpasswd2 -m user.list john

Then it will as you to enter a password twice.

the -m option says to use MD5 encryption of the password.

Flash Media Server 3 (FMS3) Announced

Just in the presses.. Adobe officially announced FMS3. This release has some nice additions that could help quite a few business with the adoption.. although I don't see it including enough new features/updates to merit a full version rev.. maybe 2.5 would have been more appropriate.

Adobe article: Check it out

Yahoo writeup: Check it out

- Improved performance
- H.264 and AAC streaming support

Flash player support for H.264 (mov, mp4, aac...)

I'm sure you've all heard... the new flash player beta supports H.264 video on playback. This means aac audio and mp4 for video stuff.. oh and of course you could play mov as well. Way cool. And for all of you wanting to know.... no real time encoding from the flash player in mp4... we still have the beloved spark encoder with nellymoser. But hey.. we're stepping in the right direction!

Here is a blog post from the horses mouth that explains a ton.

Check it out

Flex 3 SDK and Eclipse working together

UPDATE: For those interested in setting up Flex 3 SDK and Eclipse without ant, I have posted a new article outlining this process. Honestly I prefer the new way without ant, but because you can do either one choice is king. Here is the new article.

Sliverlight on Linux (Moonlight)

I just got around posting this.. but Silverlight.. the supposed flash killer now is running on Linux. Well.. it's running through mono on Linux so Microsoft didn't do any diligence in getting it there. Novell stepped up and got things running. Kindof cool.

Check it out.

Huddle gets a face lift

Just wanted to let everyone know that the product I am the developer on just got a huge facelift. The site is http://www.livehuddle.com . Now the web site hasn't gotten quite the face lift it needs but the tool it self looks much improved.

We have also added event tagging for sorting and organizing of events.... quite the nice feature.. and much needed as well.

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